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Hell Bent Steel is a custom metal fabrication and machine shop specializing in design and manufacturing of after-market automotive suspension components. HBS has been in business more than ten years and has been designing and building leveling kits since the beginning.

All of HBS spacer designs begin with the truck itself. We begin our research with OEM suspension parts. We create CAD models of each OEM part utilizing the latest design software. Then our team of engineers designs, prototypes, and tests each HBS component on multiple stock trucks to account for any variance in the trucks’ manufacturing.

Once a design is proven, then our highly qualified manufacturing engineers go to work on developing the most efficient production processes. We are lean! This is how we are able to offer such a high-quality product at such a reasonable price.

We know when shopping online you don’t have the advantage of holding our product along side the competitors’ product in your hands. For this reason we encourage you to compare our product specifications to others brands. You will find that in every case we match, and in most cases we beat our competitors’ specifications. In any side-by-side comparison, it is easy to see the superior quality of Hell Bent Steel products over the competition. We guarantee you will not find a higher-quality product on the market.

We are committed to the highest level of customer service.

Shopping online is rapidly becoming a way of life for most Americans. More and more buyers and sellers alike are finding the best values and opportunities are online. Unfortunately, many online stores have not figured out how to pass on good ol’ fashion customer service to their online customers. Leaving many customers dissatisfied with their online purchase experience. It is our goal to change that.

Whether you are a first-time online shopper or a seasoned veteran, we know you want to have confidence that when you buy from you are going to have a positive experience. This is our #1 goal too. We understand that along with great prices, excellent customer service is important to you.

Hell Bent Steel cares about our planet! HBS uses 100% recyclable packaging.

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